Testimonial - Hannah Moss Research and Policy Officer

A young lady wearing a graduation gown

My name is Hannah Moss. I recently graduated (in July 2022) from the University of Southampton with a degree in History and started working here at Maidstone Borough Council at the beginning of August as a Research and Policy Officer.

After finishing my final exams at university, I was not sure what I wanted to do and felt overwhelmed by the many different careers I was considering. I decided to take the time to think about what my different skills are and what I enjoyed doing. I realised that I loved what I was doing throughout my degree which was research!

I saw a role advertised as a research and policy officer for Maidstone Borough Council, which I thought was the perfect fit since it suited most of my skill set and interests, as well as being very close to where I live, and a regular place that I would visit! When I turned up at the interview, everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I knew this was somewhere that I wanted to work. Fast forward, and I am now in my second month, and I am really enjoying my first job since graduating. So far, I have had the chance to research a variety of interesting and important topics, which will have a positive impact on our local community. I have also been provided with really helpful training which will develop my knowledge even further. I feel already that I have learnt so much and been directly involved in supporting my colleagues write significant policies and strategies.

I am looking forward to improving my skills and having the chance to explore more important projects that will help those living within Maidstone.