On-Street Disabled Bays

There are almost 100 disabled parking bays in our car parks. Customers may also park in any Pay and Display bay if a valid Disabled Blue Badge is clearly displayed.

For details on using your blue badge on-street please refer to the Disabled Blue Badge Guidance Notes. If you have any questions about the Blue Badge Scheme you should visit Kent County Council's website.

Disabled drivers who do the following will be treated as any other driver and may be issued a parking ticket (Penalty Charge Notice):

  • cause an obstruction
  • park in a way that disrupts traffic flows
  • park where loading or unloading restrictions are in force including on 'kerb markings'
  • park in a taxi rank, a bus stop, a clearway or on a school 'Keep Clear' marking
  • park beyond disabled bay or pay and display markings
  • park without displaying a valid disabled badge within a disabled bay

Where are these bays and who can park in them?

The bays are either provided as single bays, in groups near main shopping areas or as individual parking spaces outside a disabled drivers home. Drivers parking in either type of bay, whether in a group of bays or a single bay outside a particular property, must clearly display a valid disabled badge.

Any driver displaying a valid disabled badge can park in a disabled bay on-street, even if it's outside someone else's property.


If you're a disabled driver with substantial mobility issues and need to park as close to your property as possible, you may apply for a disabled bay to be marked on the road.

Download and return the Disabled Person's Parking Bay Application Form with all relevant documents requested to begin the process.

Completed application forms can be sent to:

Parking Services
Maidstone Borough Council
Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ

or email our Parking Services Team