Parking Permits

About our permits

Permit holders are not guaranteed a particular space as any vehicle displaying a valid permit may park within the relevant zone.

Blue badge holders may park in residents bays for as long as they need to, while their badge is displayed.

We do not offer refunds for unused or partially used permits.

You can find out if you're in a parking zone by using our postcode search.

Permits for your home

We'll aim to deliver your permit(s) by post within 3-4 working days. The permit(s) is valid for a year.

Vehicle permit

A vehicle permit is allocated to a specific vehicle registered to your address.

You can apply for up to two vehicle permits depending on your permit zone.

To check your vehicle is registered to your address, we'll ask for one of the following:

  • your car insurance schedule
  • your vehicle registration document (V5C)
  • a headed letter from your employer
  • a signed hire or lease agreement

Visitors permit

Visitor permits are not allocated to an individual vehicle so you'll need to make sure a valid permit is clearly displayed at all times.

You can only apply for one visitors permit. If you live in a bedsit you can only have one vehicle permit.


Prices for our vehicle or visitors permits are below.

1st permit £25
2nd permit £25 where applicable
3rd permit £50 where applicable
Changing or replacing £10

Apply for a new permit

If you do not have a permit or your permit is out of date you'll need to apply for a new one.

    Apply for a new permit

    Need another permit?

      If you already have a visitors permit you cannot apply for another one.

      Get another permit

      Changed your vehicle?

      If you change your vehicle before your current permit expires, you'll need to update your current permit details and send us new proof of ownership.

        Change your vehicle details

        Renew your permit(s)

        You can renew your permits up to five weeks before their expiry date and up to two weeks afterwards. If you leave it longer than that you'll need to apply for a new permit instead.

        Renew your permit

        Replace your permit

        You can replace your lost, stolen or destroyed parking permit providing the permit details have not changed.

        Replace your permit

        Season tickets

        Season tickets can be used in our Mote Road Short Stay car park, as well as all our Long Stay car parks, except for Sandling Road. You can find a map of our car parks here.


        Time PeriodPrice

        3 months

        5 day week (Monday to Friday)


        7 day week (Monday to Sunday)


        6 months

        5 day week (Monday to Friday)


        7 day week (Monday to Sunday)


        12 months

        5 day week (Monday to Friday)


        7 day week (Monday to Sunday)



        You can apply for a season ticket below.

        Apply for a season ticket

        Changed your vehicle?

        If you need to change the vehicle on your current season ticket you can use our online form. This will cost £10.

        Change your vehicle


        Lost your season ticket? You can replace it using our online form. This will cost £10.

        Replace your season ticket


        If you qualify for a refund you'll need to return your season ticket and provide details of the bank account you'd like your money refunded to.

        Note: 3 month permits do not qualify for a refund.

        Months Passed 12 Months / 7 Days 12 Months / 5 Days 6 Months / 7 Days 6 Months / 5 Days
        If you cancel within the first 3 months £697.50 £578 £135 £110
        If you cancel within the first 6 months £465 £385 No Refund
        If you cancel after 6 Months No Refund

        Business permits

        Businesses in a permit zone may apply for up to two permits each year. This is two permits per business, not per business premises.

        Business permits can only be used:

        • by vehicles weighing under 3.5 tonnes
        • by the vehicle on the permit
        • in residents bays on roads within your zone

        Business permits cannot be used:

        • by vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes
        • in disabled bays
        • in our on-street pay and display parking bays or
        • on single or double yellow lines


        • £100 for one permit and
        • £200 for two permits


        You apply for your business permit(s) using our online form.

        Apply for a business permit

        Change or Replace

        You can change or replace your business permit using our online form and this will cost £10.

        Change or replace a business permit


        If your permit has expired or is due to run out, you'll need to apply for a new one 10 days before it expires.

        Apply for a business permit

        Mote Park permits

        Mote Park Permits are only available to residents of Maidstone. There's a limit of one permit per property. If you'd like to apply for a permit, you'll need to do so five days before you'd like the permit to start.


          They cost £50 a year (£40 and £10 VAT)

          We do not offer part year refunds

          Apply for a Mote Park season ticket

          Cobtree Manor Park permits

          Cobtree Manor Park Permits are available to anyone. If you'd like to apply for a permit, you'll need to do so 5 days before you'd like the permit to start.


          They cost £50 a year (£40 and £10 VAT).

          We cannot offer part year refunds.

          Apply for a Cobtree Manor Park season ticket

          Work permits

          Works permits are for contractors who need to carry out work at a property in a parking zone. They're issued by our parking enforcement contractors APCOA.

          To apply for a work permit, dispensation, bay suspension, or for prices and terms and conditions please email us.

          Carers permits

          Residents in a permit zone, who have visits from a carer will need to apply for a carers’ permit.

          Residents need to supply proof they are in receipt of Attendance Allowance by providing an award letter confirming entitlement.


          There are two types of carers permit applications:

          • an individual carer which is free of charge or
          • a registered organisation who can apply for up to five carers’ permits. Each permit costs £20.

          Apply as an organisation

          To apply email us.

          Apply as an individual

          You can apply by downloading and completing an application form.

          Apply for a Carers Permit - Individual

          School permits

          A school permit allows parents of children who go to East Borough Primary School to park in Sittingbourne Road Car Park for 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each school day during term time.

          The permit costs £12 a year.

          To apply for the permit or for more information call East Borough Primary School on 01622 754633.

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