Planning application decisions and changes

The target date for making the decision on any application can be found on the planning portal under the 'important dates' section. Whilst we aim to determine most applications within the initial target date, this date can be extended or exceeded.

Due to the number of applications we deal with we will not notify you when the decision is made or provide individual notification of whether an application is approved or refused. All decisions are supported by the case officers report and a decision notice, both of which will be displayed on under the ‘documents’ section.

After a decision has been issued

If planning permission is granted there will usually be a three year period for work to start on-site or for the change of use to be implemented.


Following a decision to refuse permission for a householder, minor commercial or advertisement type applications, all comments received before the decision was made will be forwarded to the planning inspectorate. If you submitted comments or your property adjoins the appeal site we will write to you to advise that an appeal has been submitted but there will be no opportunity to make further representations.

For appeals for all other application types you are able to submit additional comments to the planning inspectorate or if they have been sent to us, these will be forwarded. As part of the appeal process we are required to write to all those who submitted comments on the application and those adjoining the site, advising of the submission of the appeal, the process to be followed and the timetable for determination.

Altered or amended applications

If an application is amended or altered before a decision is issued there is no statutory requirement for further publicity and consultation to take place. We have the discretion to decide when this is necessary. In making this judgement we will consider the following:

  • were objections or reservations raised in the original consultation stage substantial or sufficient to justify further publicity
  • are the proposed changes significant
  • do the changes have an impact that is more harmful than the original plans
  • did earlier comments received cover the issues raised by the proposed changes

If we decide that this is necessary, it is open to us to decide who will be included and the timeframe for responses, balancing the need for publicity against the need for efficient decision making.

Changes to approved plans

Sometimes an applicant will request that minor changes be made to the approved plans and/or details. Whether we publicise in such circumstances is dependent on the nature of the change. Details of requests made to change a scheme will be displayed on the portal and once made, the decision will also be viewable.