Report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence. You could be fined or face a prison sentence if you dump waste illegally.

If you witness fly-tipping or you find dumped waste, do not touch it. You can report it to us by using this service.

You will need to tell us the:

  • date and time the waste was found
  • location of the fly-tipping
  • type of waste dumped

If you saw the fly-tipping we need to know:

  • what you saw
  • the vehicle registration
  • a description of the vehicle and anyone involved


What happens next

Specific action will be taken depending on the location of the fly-tip.

Public land

We'll try to clear the fly-tip within 48 hours of it being reported. It may take longer if the fly-tip is large or needs specialist equipment to clear.

Fly-tips that block the road or stop traffic will be phoned through to Kent Highways anonymously to clear.

Privately owned land

We'll send your report to our Waste Crime Team to investigate further.

Golding Homes or Kent County Council owned land

We'll send your report to them anonymously.

Network Rail owned land

We'll phone your report through to them anonymously.