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Assisted waste collections

If you have difficulty taking your rubbish, recycling and garden bins out to the boundary of your property and have no one to help you, you can request that we collect your bins. This could be if you are elderly or have a disability and live alone.

If you can get help from family or neighbours this is the easiest way for us to collect your bins. If you still need help, you will need:

  • to tell us why you need assistance, for example you have a disability
  • where you are going to leave your bins (this needs to be the same place each time, at the front of your property and easy to get to. For example not in an alley or behind a locked gate.
  • if your request is permanent or temporary (up to three months)


What happens next

After we have received your request if we need to discuss your eligibility we'll be in contact. Otherwise we expect to be able to provide you assistance after seven days. If your bin is due for collection within the next seven days, you will need to place it out as normal by 6.30am.

If you need to extend your temporary assistance, you will need to put in another request.

The crew will try to return the bin to where it was left, due to human error 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed.


Permanent assistance will be reviewed periodically and may be cancelled if you do not respond. If your circumstances change and you need to cancel you can let us know.