Bin Collection Updates

Current Waste Service Status

This page was last updated on 21 Jun 2022 10:16am.

Missed Bins

Do not report a missed bin unless your road has definitely been visited.

Based on the service updates below, if you think your bin should have been collected but hasn't you can report it using our online form at the bottom of this page. Its helpful if you report it as quickly as possible, the same day if possible.

Following receipt of your report crews will try to return within two working days.  But if that missed collection is not recovered within that timeframe the usual crew will take extra rubbish or recycling, on your next scheduled collection.

Please do not use our email accounts or voicemail message to advise of service problems, using the online form ensures the information is sent to our contractor immediately and provides you with an acknowledgement of that report.

normal service

Waste and recycling collections

All services are operating to schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: To try to reduce issues caused by the current hot weather, we have authorised an earlier start, please ensure your bin is presented by 06.00 am or left visible overnight. This early start will continue until further notice.

Your recycling rate for last year was over 51% - That's impressive, if you want to learn more please email

What goes in the recycling bin?

You can recycle:

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Cans (empty food and drinks cans)
  • Spent aerosol cans
  • Clean cooking foil
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Junk mail
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Letter paper and
  • Empty glass bottles / glass jars

There are two very important points, when dealing with your dry mix recycling.

  • All bottles, cans, containers must be completely empty.
  • All materials must be loose in the recycling bin, with no plastic bags or sacks.

For full details visit our What goes in my bin page.

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Minor disruption

Garden waste collections

Garden waste collections are scheduled as normal.

However, due to the growing season, collection tonnages have risen dramatically and crews are taking much longer to complete their rounds. If rounds are delayed, they maybe rolled into the following day - so please leave your bin available for collection.

Have you entered the Maidstone In-Bloom competition yet ?  Times running out, your entry must be received by Friday 1st July, and judging starts from Monday the 4th.

Normal service

Bin deliveries

All deliveries are being completed as usual.

Please do not chase your delivery unless you ordered it more than 19 days ago.

Normal service

Clinical and bulky waste collections

All collections are running to schedule.

Report a missed bin

Please check that your road has been visited before reporting a missed bin.

Report a missed bin