Bin Collection Updates

Current Waste Service Status

This page was last Updated on 21 Jan 2022 9:50am.

Missed Bins

Please do not report a missed bin unless your road has definitely been visited.

Based on the service updates below, if you think your bin should have been collected but hasn't you can report it using our online form at the bottom of this page.

Please ensure you report it as quickly as possible, the same day is acceptable.

Crews will try to return within two working days of receiving that report, but if that missed collection is not recovered, the usual crew will take extra rubbish or recycling on your next scheduled collection.

Normal service

Waste and recycling collections

Crews are still dealing with the seasonal increase in waste and recycling, this means that vehicles have to empty more frequently and the additional travel time will slow down collections.

To assist, please ensure your bins are out ready for collection by 6.00am.

Please park your car in a way that allows access for the collection freighter and other large vehicles, try to avoid parking on corners or near junctions. If the vehicle cannot get into the road, that will delay collections from you and your neighbours.

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What goes in the recycling bin?

You can recycle:

  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Cans (empty food and drinks cans)
  • Spent aerosol cans
  • Clean cooking foil
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Junk mail
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Letter paper and
  • Empty glass bottles / glass jars

For your dry mixed recycling, please ensure

  • All materials are loose in the recycling bin, with no plastic bags or sacks
  • All bottles, cans, containers are completely empty

For full details visit our What goes in my bin page.

Have you got a recycling question ?  Email us....

Normal service

Garden waste collections

The service is running to schedule.

Our contractor will remove real Christmas trees if they are presented alongside your garden waste bin.

Normal service

Bin deliveries

Deliveries of recycling and waste wheelie bins are being completed as normal. Please do not chase your delivery unless you ordered it more than 15 days ago.

Deliveries of food bins were delayed but our stock has now been received and orders are being completed as normal, please do not chase your delivery unless it was ordered more than 20 days ago.

Normal Service

Clinical and bulky waste collections

Collections are being completed as scheduled.

Report a missed bin

Report a missed bin