Bus Station Consultation

MBC invites you to have your say on the new look Bus Station

Maidstone Borough Council (MBC), is inviting residents, businesses and stakeholders to have their say on the proposed new look Town Centre Bus Station.

The proposed new look will modernise the area and will contribute to increase the vitality and viability of Maidstone by improving its overall image as a modern and well cared for place with excellent public transport facilities.”

Tunnel View

East Concourse

East Concourse

West Concourse

West Concourse

South Entrance

South entrance

North Entrance

North entrance

Part of the MBC Town Centre Bus Station proposed project includes:

  • Cleaning of road and concourses
  • Opening up the concourses to provide light
  • Replacement of lighting fixtures throughout the station with a new lighting system designed to make the station safer, brighter and to maximise efficiency
  • New colour scheme throughout
  • New flooring and soffits to the concourses
  • Refurbished canopy to the east concourse
  • Addition of new wayfinding signage and information systems across the station, including new signage at the north and south entrances
  • Public Art

MBCs Head of Regeneration and Economic Development said: “This is a great opportunity for everyone who uses the bus station to tell us what they think about the proposal to improve it.  We would really like to gather their thoughts and welcome all feedback through this public consultation.”

Scheme proposal:

View the scheme proposal


The consultation was launched by MBC on Wednesday 22 July and will continue until 16th September 2020.

This consultation involves completing a short online survey.

Council officers will also be in The Mall between the 10th and 15th August 10.30am-2.30pm with a static display where you can find out more about the scheme, view the designs, ask officers questions and pick up and complete a feedback form.

Who is responsible for improving Maidstone Bus Station?


Maidstone Borough Council is responsible for improving Maidstone Bus station working in partnership with our key stakeholders Capital and Regional the owners of The Mall, Arriva Buses and Kent County Council.

What is the total cost of making improvements?


The project has confirmed funding of £1,000,000 from Maidstone Borough Council, plus £30,000 each from Kent County Council, Arriva and Capital and Regional.

The total budget is £1,000,090.

What do you hope to achieve by making the improvements?

  • To provide a more user friendly facility.
  • To enhance the pedestrian and vehicular gateways to the facility in terms of accessibility, safety and aesthetics.
  • To improve perceptions of user safety and security,
  • To improve integration between the bus station, the Mall shopping area and Sainsbury’s.
  • To create an attractive facility for passengers to encourage public transport usage.
  • To improve accessibility and to upgrade the facility to current DDA guidelines.

What other options have you looked into?


The council investigated relocating the bus station to an alternative site in the Town Centre. The lack of available land or property in appropriate locations, together with the restrictions on access due to Maidstone’s one way system has resulted in this option being rejected.

What are the timescales for the project?


The plan is to have start works in late Autumn 2020 finishing in Spring 2021.

Will there be any further engagement or consultation?


The council will not be undertaking any further public consultation, but further engagement is planned with vulnerable groups including the over 50’s Forum, Kent Guide Dogs for the Blind and the Kent Association of the Blind.

Will there be changes to my bus route?


The Bus Station improvement scheme will not make any changes to existing bus routes.

Who is the decision maker?


John Foster Head or Regeneration and Economic Development