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3rd Quarter Finance, Performance & Risk Monitoring Report 2020/21


The Director of Finance and Business Improvement introduced the financial appendix and reconfirmed that the financial impact of Covid-19 to the Council was projected at £7.5 million. This had been mitigated somewhat by £2.5 million in unspecified/unallocated Covid-19 government funding and that the Council Tax and Business Rates losses would be accounted for in future financial years. The topics covered within the financial aspect of the report were outlined.


In referencing the Business Rate Retention Pilot Schemes that were put on hold last year, it was proposed that a portion of the funding be directed towards the Bus Station Improvement Project. A correction to the fifth recommendation on the report, to reference Appendix 4 rather than 7, was noted.


The Senior Business Analyst introduced the performance update and stated that two of the three Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) did not reach the third quarter target; one by more than 10%. The Success of Relief Duty Outcomes had achieved 35.29% against the 60% target, however the contributing factors to this were outlined. 194 applicants were relieved from homelessness, with a prevention duty outcome of 74.88%. Littering offences had contributed to the KPI on acceptable levels of litter having missed the set target.


Nine KPIs had missed their third quarter target across the Council’s three other Service Committees.


The Deputy Head of Audit Partnership introduced the risk monitoring update which focused on the 11 highest scoring areas of risk and outlined the information contained within the report. There had been no changes to the risk ratings, with the two Covid-19 related risks highlighted: internal resilience and capacity and ability to influence recovery externally.


It was noted that some risks had been moved onto the operational risk register to be monitored by the wider and corporate leadership teams. An update would be provided on the operational register during the fourth quarter update. Early horizon scanning, to identify further potential risks to be included in the corporate risk register had been conducted. The register would be aligned with the Council’s recovery from Covid-19 and the agreed changes to the Strategic Plan.


In response to questions, the Director of Finance and Business Improvement stated that further information on the income from Maidstone Property Holdings was provided on page 89 of the agenda pack.  




1.  The Revenue position as at the end of Quarter 3 for 2020/21, including the actions being taken of proposed to improve the position, where significant variances have been identified, be noted;


2.  The Capital position as at the end of Quarter 3 be noted;


3.  The Performance position as at Quarter 3 for 2020/21, including the actions being taken or proposed to improve the position, where significant issues have been identified, be noted;


4.  The Risk Update, attached as Appendix 3 to the report, be noted;


5.  The release of £92,000 from earmarked reserves to progress business rates retention pilot projects, and retention of £96, 641 for projects which will remain on hold, as detailed in Appendix 4 to the report, be agreed;


6.  The proposed reallocation of unspent funding from the business rates retention pilot as set out in Paragraph 2.8 of the report, be agreed;


7.  The uncollectable Non-Domestic Rates (NDR) listed in Appendix 5 to the report, be approved for write-off; and


8.  The irrecoverable housing benefits payments listed in Appendix 6 to the report, be approved for write-off.



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