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1st Quarter Budget Monitoring Report

Meeting: 03/09/2019 - Economic Regeneration and Leisure Committee (Item 49)

49 1st Quarter Budget Monitoring Report pdf icon PDF 77 KB

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The Interim Head of Finance and Information & Corporate Policy Officer introduced the report.  It was explained that the executive summary was to be amended to read:


“Overall, 90% (9 out of 10) of Key Performance Indicators, reportable to the Committee, achieved their Quarter 1 targets. For the strategic priority “A Thriving Place” 86% (6 out of 7) KPIs achieved their Quarter 1 targets, while for the “Embracing Growth and Enabling Infrastructure”, 100% (3 out of 3) of Key Performance Indicators, reportable to the Committee, achieved their Quarter1 targets.”


Furthermore, Appendix 2 (page 92) was to be adjusted to:


“Overall, 100% (3 out of 3) indicators that are targeted under this objective have achieved their quarterly target.”


In response to questions from the Committee, the Museum Director and Head of Regeneration and Economic Development replied that:


·  The funding for the Museum Education Service was provided by Arts Council England.  There was uncertainty regarding the length of time that the funding would be available for, however, Officers were working to identify alternative funding in case this was needed.


·  The legal claim regarding the sewage leak at Mote Park was ongoing.  Some losses incurred as a result of the leak were insurable, however, others were not.  The cost of the overspend was to be funded temporarily until the outcome of the claim was known.



1.  The Revenue position at the end of the Quarter 1 and the actions being taken or proposed to improve the position, where significant variances have been identified, be noted.


2.  The Capital position at the end of Quarter 1 be noted.


3.  The Summary of Performance for Quarter 1 for Key Performance Indicators be noted.