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Granada House

Meeting: 06/04/2021 - Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (Item 179)

Granada House

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The Housing Delivery Manager introduced the report and explained that full surveys had been completed in respect to the proposed works to Granada House, with the findings set out in the report. An update was provided on the options available, with the recommended option highlighted. 


The financial aspects of the proposed works were outlined, and the works deemed necessary to improve the standard of the accommodation. The Housing Deliver Manager and Head of Housing and Community Services responded to questions by Members.


It was suggested that a green roof be considered as the area had high levels of pollution.




1.  The proposed programme of works to Granada House be approved;


2.  A new tender procurement process be undertaken to choose a suitable Contractor and Employers Agent to undertake and oversee the necessary works required; and


3.  A follow up report be presented to Policy and Resources Committee outlining the results from the tender procurement process and to approve the financial commitments required to complete the works.