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Recovery and Renewal Action Plan

Meeting: 20/10/2021 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 96)

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The Chief Executive introduced the report and referenced the feedback received from the Council’s other Service Committees after consideration of the actions within their respective remits. 


The previous feedback received from the Committee had been reflected in the increased funding for the Town Centre Strategy in the 2021-2022 financial year. The additional funds required would be considered as part of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy and budget setting process for 2022-23 and onwards. The funding for the ‘Way we Work’ action had been reduced but still allowed for continued investment alongside Tunbridge Wells and Swale Borough Councils to provide improved technology and extended training opportunities for staff.


Specific attention was drawn to the Economic Regeneration and Leisure (ERL) Committee feedback, as it was requested that the funding for the Mid-Kent College Skills Hub be doubled to £60,000 alongside the implementation of regular monitoring arrangements. The requested Riverside Lights project had not been included as it was due to be further considered by the ERL Committee and if agreed would need to be financed through alternative means of capital funding. 


In response to questions, the Head of Policy, Communications and Governance stated that the quarterly Key Performance Indicators for the ERL Committee could not be provided monthly as they derived from external sources. The importance of data analytics through the ongoing creation of live dashboards was reiterated, to enable all Councillors to access up-to-date information with ease.


The Chief Executive clarified that the Community Resilience Fund would allow for community groups to submit bids for funding. Local Ward Members were encouraged to partake in the process through informing residents of the scheme and providing insight to the relevant Council officers. The ‘Love Where You Live’ action would allow the Council to be proactive in encouraging the creation of community groups across the borough, where

there were no existing groups, for the betterment of local areas.


The Committee expressed support for the ambitious nature and scope of the Recovery and Renewal Plan and reiterated the importance of providing a Town Centre Strategy that, whilst strategic in nature, provided for and was supported by local people.


In response to questions, the Chief Executive stated that the Committee could be updated on any significant issues or actions as necessary, through the quarterly performance updates presented to the Committee.


RESOLVED: That the Recovery and Renewal Action Plan and the associated costs, shown in Appendices A and B to the report respectively, be approved.