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Maidstone Town Centre Strategy update

Meeting: 23/03/2022 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 220)

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The Interim Local Plan Director introduced the item.  The Committee had considered workstreams for the Maidstone Town Centre Strategy in September and October 2021, and reports had been taken to relevant service committees.  Appendices 1 and 2 to the report provided an overview of the revised scope. 


The decision before the committee was to consider approval for the updated scope and agreement to an outline governance structure.  The governance structure ensured a clear lead by the Executive and Member on the Executive with input from the relevant Policy Advisory Committee.


The scope demonstrated the early work that would be necessary to deliver the strategy and the proposed community engagement plan. 


The Committee supported the proposal in the report, stressing the need for a bi-partisan approach to ensure a robust strategy to deliver for the next ten to twenty years.  They highlighted that flexibility in the governance arrangements was key, noting that the decision-making responsibility would rest with the Executive with other ‘anchor institutions’ having an input, including other public sector organisations like Golding Homes, County Council, Mid Kent College, and the police; who invest and provide services in the town centre. 


An ambitious approach that actively promoted the Town Centre, and leveraged Maidstone’s cultural capital, was endorsed and encouraged by the Committee.




1.  The updated scope and core workstreams of the Town Centre Strategy as set out in appendices 1 and 2 to the report, be agreed;


2.  The proposed governance structure at paragraph 2.5. of the report, be agreed; and


3.  The principles of the proposed engagement strategy described in paragraph 2.13 and within appendix 3 of the report, be agreed.


Note: Councillor Cooper left the meeting after this item.