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Development of the New Strategic Plan

Meeting: 02/10/2018 - Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee (Item 70)

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Mrs Alison Broom, the Chief Executive and Mrs Angela Woodhouse, the Head of Policy, Communications and Governance presented a report on the development of the new Strategic Plan.

The Committee was asked to consider the draft vision, objectives and outcomes as set out in the report which would also be presented to the other Service Committees during October.


The Committee made the following comments:-


Draft Vision/Objectives


Suggested Changes/Actions

Comments/Clarity of Language

Draft Vision – “A borough of opportunity that works for everyone that residents are proud to be part of

“A borough of opportunity that works for everyone and that residents are proud to be part of”

Something that embraces all of our communities e.g. diversity, visitors, workforces

Objective 1 – Great Environmental Quality

The borough’s bio-diversity and green corridors are improved

“The borough’s bio-diversity is improved”

The term ‘green corridors’ does not make provision for the waterways.  Therefore this should be incorporated into the sub-text as the green and blue. 

More residents participate in taking care of the environment

No change


The carbon footprint of the borough is reduced

 No change

Officers to feature trees more prominently in the sub-text The provision of more trees came out of the Member workshop and should be in the sub-text

Everyone has access to high quality and attractive parks and green spaces

No change


More waste is treated locally and used as valuable resource

“More waste is treated locally and used as a valuable resource

Textual change

A borough which is recognised as being clean and well cared for

No change


Objective 2 – Well Connected Safe and Empowered Communities

A borough where more people feel safe

Officers to change the wording

Members felt that the wording as it stood suggested that people did not feel safe already.  Officers to find a better form of words to reflect intention.


The harm caused by crime and anti-social behaviour is reduced

No change


More investment in community infrastructure

No change

Members felt that the Council needed to be creative in the use of funding activities not just infrastructure

A diverse range of community activity enabled by the Council

No change


A borough with more neighbourhood plans

No change


Community creativity is encouraged and enabled

No change

Inclusion of use of S106 money as a how under outcomes.




Community based outcomes could be simplified to one or two outcomes

Objective 3 – Embracing Growth

New places are created that are well designed and connected

No change

That this means the development of  infrastructure first should be created first should be more explicit

The Council leads the master planning and invests in the creation of new places

No change


All new homes are built to a high quality of environmental and renewable building standards

No change

The housing need is met for all

No change

 Officers to be more explicit about the difference between this and a decent home.

Communities are engaged in planning growth of their place

No change


Objective 4 – Renowned for Heritage  ...  view the full minutes text for item 70