Strategy document

Digital Strategy 2022-2025

Published 10 February 2022

How we'll measure progress and success

We have listed the outcomes we want to deliver under each of the 5 workstreams. These outcomes should deliver the following benefits, which we will measure to track progress towards delivery of our digital vision.

  • Higher percentage of total demand met through digital self-service, both overall and for each Council service.
  • Increased capacity in the customer services team by reducing the number of customer enquiries that have to be answered by staff
  • Reduced failure demand across the Council, meaning customers have to contact the Council less to report things that go wrong or to chase for progress updates
  • Reduced officer time spent on back office processing, through better systems integration and automation
  • Reduced paper usage, helping to meet the Council’s climate commitments
  • Improved customer services for those looking for the most common services, indicated by customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Council carbon footprint from better use of technology and greener cloud-hosting
  • Improved public opinion on how easy it is to access our services
  • Happy, productive staff who have the right technology, measured by those who say they have the tools they need to do their job