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Off-Street Parking Places Order Variation


Mr Jeff Kitson, Parking Services Manager, outlined the key changes to the parking places order that had been recommended following consultation:


·  The proposals advertised for Park and Ride were in relation to moving to a pay to park model. Five objections had been received but compared to the number of those using the service and the strategic reasons for making changes to the Park and Ride Service there were no compelling reasons to revise the advertised proposals.

·  The advertised proposals relating to Pay and Display Car Parks proposed changing the tariffs in the Borough’s long and short stay car parks. Objections were received but the Committee was recommended to progress the proposals as advertised.

·  The advertised proposals relating to Resident Parking Permit concessions proposed allowing residents living near the Brunswick and Union Street developments to park in those Car Parks after 5.00 p.m. instead of 6.30 p.m and to exclude residents of these developments from the relevant residents’ parking zone. No objections were received to the consultation therefore the committee was recommended to amend the order as advertised.

·  The consultation on the amendment to the Parking Places Order included an amendment to reduce the Limited Waiting Period at Tovil Car Park from two hours to one hour, which was requested by Tovil Parish Council. A number of objections and petitions were received against this proposal therefore the Committee was not recommended to progress this part of the amended traffic regulation order.


Mr Kitson informed the Committee that there was an urgent update to the report, as the head lessee of the Lockmeadow complex was required to agree any changes in Pay and Display tariff at the Lockmeadow Car Park. It was noted that the head lessee had agreed to changes to the long stay tariff but the short stay tariff was still under negotiation.


Councillor John Horne, of Thurnham Parish Council, addressed the Committee on this item.


In response to a question from the Committee, Mr Kitson confirmed that the required Equalities Impact Assessments had been undertaken for the changes in Park and Ride. These had been presented to the Committee alongside the revised proposals when it made its decision on Park and Ride at its last meeting.


Councillor de Wiggondene-Sheppard arrived during consideration of this item.




1.  That the Borough of Maidstone (Off-Street Parking Places) (Variation No10) Order 2018in relation to Park and Ride charges is agreed.


Voting:  For - 5  Against - 0  Abstentions – 4


2.  That the Borough of Maidstone (Off-Street Parking Places) (Variation No10) Order 2018in relation to Pay and Display charges is agreed, except in relation to Lockmeadow where only the long stay charge will be amended.


Voting:  For - 5  Against - 2  Abstentions - 2


3.  That the short stay tariff at the Lockmeadow Car Park remains as is, subject to further negotiations with the head lessee and the Director of Regeneration and Place is given delegated authority to conclude negotiations and amend and seal the Order accordingly.


Voting:  For - 8  Against - 1  Abstentions - 0


4.  That the Borough of Maidstone (Off-Street Parking Places) (Variation No10) Order 2018in relation to Resident Parking Permit Concessions and boundary changes is agreed.


Voting: Unanimous


5.  That the Off-Street Parking Places Consolidation Order 2008 in place at Tovil Car Park be retained in its current form.


Voting: Unanimous


6.  That the Director of Regeneration and Place is instructed to make the required Traffic Regulation Orders under the Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and that these Orders be sealed.


Voting:  For - 7  Against - 0  Abstentions - 2


7.  That the objectors be informed of the Council’s decisions.


Voting: Unanimous


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