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Kent Downs AONB Management Plan Adoption


The Heritage, Landscape and Design Team Leader introduced the report and stated that any Local Authority (LA) that had an Area of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) within its jurisdiction was required to produce, adopt and review a management plan. The 2014-2019 Kent Downs AONB management plan had remained in place due to several delays, including the Covid-19 pandemic, in producing the updated plan.


The 2021-2026 management plan took into account the engagement and stakeholder consultation exercises that were conducted, including the feedback given by the Committee at its September 2020 meeting. Following the agreement of the Kent Downs AONB Joint Advisory Committee in January 2021, the draft management plan had been circulated to all twelve LA’s to which it applied and had been approved by several.


In response to questions, it was confirmed that the delegated powers to the Head of Planning and Development were intended for minor changes only. If any LA wished to propose significant changes, these would be presented to the Committee.




1.  The report be noted;


2.  The Kent Downs AONB Management Plan Review 2021-2026, as attached at Appendices 1-15 of the report, be approved for adoption;


3.  The Head of Planning and Development be given delegated powers to accept reasonable minor changes made by other Local Authorities prior to formal adoption; and


4.  A date to be confirmed by the Kent Downs AONB Unit, once the last of the 12 Local Authorities resolved to adopt the plan, be approved as the formal date for adoption.


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