Issue - decisions

Granada House Refurbishment

23/12/2022 - Granada House Refurbishment



1.  The proposed refurbishment works to Granada House up to the Total Scheme Cost as outlined in Table 1 withing the Exempt Appendix 1 – Financial Summary to the report be carried out;


2.  Contract be entered into, in consultation with the Leader of the Council and the Lead Member for Housing and Health, with the preferred contractor to carry out the refurbishment works to Granada House;


3.  a)  Officers explore fully with Pelling’s (the appointed Employers Agent) and the appointed contractor the merits of providing solar PV to the property as a way of off-setting electrical use;


b) This option and additional expenditure (as outlined in Table 2 within Exempt Appendix 1 – Financial Summary) is only pursued after consultation, post contract award with the Lead Member for Housing and Health;


4.  The Director of Finance, Resources and Business Improvement is granted delegated authority to enter into any related appointments, legal actions, deeds, contracts and agreements which may be required to facilitate the refurbishment works required; and


5.  The Head of Mid Kent Legal Services is authorised to appoint the Solicitors required to negotiate and complete the necessary contract documentation, deeds and agreements associated with the refurbishment works on the terms as agreed by the Director of Finance, Resources and Business Improvement.