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Age UK


Vision – We exist to promote the welfare of the older residents in the Borough of Maidstone.


We believe that older people are entitled to the help that they need to improve their own sense of well-being, to promote independence and to have control of their own lives; that ‘Ageist’ or negative attitudes can lead to low expectations by older people or carers about what can be achieved; That older people should remain free to choose the services they require; In working with partners to achieve our vision.


Our objectives are: to provide a wide variety of services aimed at improving the quality of life for elderly people at a price they can afford; To work in partnership with others to this end and seek to educate and influence key decision makers on issues relating to older people; to support older people in their homes to promote their independence and offer temporary access to services where appropriate; to provide companionship for our clients at our day centres which offer a range of specialised services.  When clients need more specialist care than we can provide, we refer them onto other agencies working to secure the support they need.



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