Agenda Frontsheet 12/07/2017, 17.00



Maidstone Joint Transportation Board MEETING





Date:†† Wednesday 12 July 2017

Time:†† 5.00 p.m.

Venue: Town Hall, High Street, Maidstone




Councillors †Bird, Brown, D Burton (Chairman), Carter, Chittenden, Clark, Cooke, Cooper, Cuming, Daley, Garten, Hastie, Hotson, Prendergast, T Sams, Springett, Mrs Stockell, Wilby and Willis





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1.        Apologies for Absence




2.        Notification of Substitute Members




3.        Notification of Visiting Members




4.        Disclosures by Members and Officers




5.        Disclosures of Lobbying




6.        To consider whether any items should be taken in private because of the possible disclosure of exempt information.




7.        Minutes of the meeting held on 19 April 2017



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8.        Petitions



Notice has been given pursuant to Council Procedure Rule 12 of the intention to present a petition in the following terms:


Platts Heath Safe Transport Scheme


We, the undersigned, call upon Kent County Council to produce, with local community participation, a transport plan to make our village safe and sustainable for the future.


We request:


         A maximum speed limit of 20mph in School Lane

         20mph outside the school in Headcorn Road

         Investigations to take place to identify methods to slow down traffic entering from the north and south on Headcorn Road

         The 30mph speed limit in Lenham Road to be extended further south as outlined in a previous report sent to Maidstone Joint Transportation Board

         Improved and additional signage and road markings


We ask that Kent County Council fully consider these requests and produce a plan that works and enables the community to have a safer environment for all residents. Consultation and input must include the School and all local residents and plans implemented at the Councilís earliest opportunity.




9.        Questions/Statements by members of the public




10.    Maidstone Joint Transportation Board Work Programme




11.    Report of KCC's Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste - Petition Report - Queen's Avenue, Maidstone

6 - 7



12.    Report of KCC's Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste - 'A' Boards

8 - 10



13.    Report of KCC's Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste - B2163 Leeds and Langley Relief Road Update

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14.    Report of KCC's Director of Highways, Transportation and Waste - Highway Works Programme 2017/18

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Alternative Formats

The reports included in Part I of this agenda can be available in alternative formats.† For further information about this service, or to arrange for special facilities to be provided at the meeting, please contact Democratic Services on or 01622 602272.† To find out more about the work of the Committee, please visit




Public Speaking

In order to book a slot to speak at this meeting of the Maidstone Joint Transportation Board, please contact Ezzie Tunnicliff on 01622 602272 or by email on by 5.00 p.m. one clear working day before the meeting. If asking a question, you will need to provide the full text in writing. If making a statement, you will need to tell us which agenda item you wish to speak on.† Please note that slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.