Maidstone town centre PSPO - Draft consultation timetable

In order to declare and implement any PSPO there are key tests, activities and decisions which need to be made in accordance with the Councilís Scheme of delegation. In order for the Council to consider introducing a PSPO, the earliest potential timeframe is set out below;


3 September 2015

Inform the quarterly SMP meeting of the PSPO proposal

A number of agencies will be in attendance who will be affected by the PSPO and can feedback their opinions once consultation starts.

17 November 2015

PSPO report to Community, Housing & Environment committee

Communities, Housing and Environment Committee receive a report presenting the evidence and setting out the decisions it can take and the recommendation for undertaking the statutory consultation.


Once consultation has been approved, the website, online & paper questionnaires will have been ready in anticipation of the next stage.

30 November 2015

8 week statutory consultation period starts

During the consultation period, Kent Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner will be consulted directly with other key organisations and the public having the opportunity to submit their views in a variety of ways. This will include relevant Councillors, organisations and businesses through TCM/Maidsafe etc.

25 January 2016

8 week public †consultation period ends

Collate data from the consultation questionnaires and comments, put together a report.

March 2016

Deliver results of consultation to the C, H & E committee

Consultation feedback is presented to Committee to decide whether there is a valid case for declaring a PSPO and adopting an appropriate enforcement process and penalties?


Decision to be made on whether to approve the PSPO based on the evidence presented to committee.

May 2016

Suggested Go live implementation date for the PSPO

Should Committee determine all tests have been achieved, it could then instruct officers to issue the prescribed Notice declaring a PSPO and to undertake all other necessary measures so that an Order could commence in May 2016.


Signage is erected at strategic spots around the town centre prior to this date publicising the content and area of the PSPO.