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Item 14 -  Olders Field, Land north of Heath Road, Coxheath  

 13/1979 –

1. Public Footpaths

Amend condition 5 as follows:

The existing Public Rights of Way adjoining the application site - KM46 and KM44 - shall be improved and upgraded in accordance with a detailed specification to be submitted to and approved in writing by the LPA in  consultation with the KCC  Public Rights of Way team.  Such details as agreed shall be completed and made available for use prior to the first occupation of any dwelling.

Reason: in the interests of  pedestrian safety


2. Open space

Parks and Leisure have advised that in the event of an off-site financial contribution being required this would be best directed to the open space in Stockett Lane, to the north east of the development site.  This contains the village hall, sports facilities and  play area, which would benefit from being upgraded and improved .  The contribution requested per dwelling would be £1575 if there is no provision of open space onsite.


3. Late objection

1. Loss of woodland

2. Preference should be given to developing brownfield sites

3. Additional housing should be located elsewhere

4. Roads and local services are already under pressure