13.1607 - forstal farm_second urgent update

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Forstal Farm, Stockett Lane, Coxheath

●          Coxheath Parish Council has made further representations and these are attached for reference.


In response, I am satisfied that the application has been processed in an appropriate manner and that the application should move towards determination; the issues of location, intended use and highway safety have been addressed in the committee report; and there is no policy requirement for a detailed business plan.


●          East Farleigh Parish Council has made further representations, as follows:


-       In regards to condition 2, East Farleigh PC Committee feels that the register of owners/occupiers should be made available to Coxheath Parish Council rather than MBC/the local planning authority.

-       The Planning Committee is surprised at the lack of a business plan.


In response, it is the local planning authority that has the power and jurisdiction to enforce and monitor conditions and so this request to amend condition 2 is not accepted; and again there is no policy requirement for a detailed business plan


●          10 further neighbour representations have been received that in summary have raised concerns over:

-       Highway safety/impact upon road infrastructure

-       No justification for this use in this location

-       Visual impact/out of keeping with area

-       Residential amenity

-       Loss of agricultural land

-       Impact upon water supply

-       Ecology

-       Potential future uses of site


In response, the objections raised by local residents have been addressed in the committee report.


●          Condition 2 should be amended to read:


All accommodation units permitted at the site shall be occupied for bona fide holiday purposes only and no caravan shall be occupied by any one individual or group of individuals for any period longer than one month with no return by an individual or group of individuals within 4 weeks of leaving occupation of the site. The operators of the caravan park shall maintain an up-to-date register of the names of all owners/occupiers of individual accommodation units on the site, and of their main home addresses, and shall make this information available at all reasonable times to the local planning authority.


Reason: In order to ensure proper control of the use of the holiday units and to prevent the establishment of permanent residency, which would be contrary to National and Local Plan Policy.




My recommendation remains unchanged subject to the amendment to condition 2 as outlined above.

GRANT planning permission subject to conditions.