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Forstal Farm, Stockett Lane,


Condition 3


Condition 3 of the main report restricted the use to “holiday caravans” however it is felt that to ensure no static caravans occupy the site the wording should be altered to refer to touring caravans as follows. (The holiday restriction is sufficiently enforced through Condition 2)


3.  No more than 16 touring caravans and 20 tent pitches shall be on the site at any one time.


Reason: In the interest of visual amenity.



Neighbour Representation


One representation has been received raising matters relating to highway safety and local roads; lack of local attractions for tourists; and visual harm.


Officer Comment


These matters have been considered in the main committee report.   



Notification of Committee


Representations have been received querying notification letters of the Planning Committee meeting. I can confirm that those who made representations on the planning application (and provided an address) have been notified of the meeting, in line with the Council’s procedures.





My recommendation remains unchanged subject to the amendment to Condition 3 as outlined above.

GRANT planning permission subject to conditions.