Item 13, Page 10                                        3 - 5 Brewer Street & St Francis Church School, Maidstone, ME14 1RU



Reference number: 16/501604



●          A superseded plan has been listed in condition 18 (that being PR116 received 29/02/16) and this should be removed.  As such, condition 18 should be amended to read:


The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with: PR114 and PR115 received 29/02/16; PR113 Rev A, PR117 Rev A received 02/03/16; PR100 Rev A, PR101 Rev A, PR102 Rev A, PR103 Rev A, PR104 Rev A, PR109 Rev B, PR112 Rev B and PR118 Rev A received 10/05/16; and PR116 Rev B received 24/06/16;                

Reason: To safeguard the character, appearance and setting of the surrounding building and area and to safeguard residential amenity.



●          The proposed single storey extension to the church hall is part of the proposed development and it has been described within the proposal of works within the committee report.  However, whilst this element of the proposal has been fully considered in making this recommendation for approval, it should be made clear that this is because the extension is considered to be of an appropriate scale and design for the building; and that it would not appear visually incongruous or dominant from any public vantage point.








My recommendation remains unchanged.