Item 17, Page 66                                56 Valley Drive, Loose Maidstone, ME15 9TL


Ref: 17/502032/FULL



Design Amendments:

Following concerns raised by Loose Parish Council over the clarity of the submitted plans, the applicant have submitted design amendment indicating the depths of the two projection columns supporting the roof overhang. The submitted plan also shows the actual projection of the porch including the roof overhang from the west facing elevation. 


Officer’s comments


For clarity purposes, the currently submitted plan with reference number 15-24-21D supersedes 15-24-21C. The submitted floor plan now shows the two projecting columns supporting the roof overhang which was the source of concerns raised by Loose Parish Council. The proposed west facing elevation plans within the agenda incorrectly outlines the projection of the front porch as being slightly set back than it actually is. Therefore, the current amended plan shows the corrected depth of the front porch including the roof overhang. This element was in any case shown on the roof plan.


Minor corrections to paragraphs 2.01 to remove reference to ‘open sides’, and 6.12 to remove reference to side extension, conservatory and conversion of existing integral garage’, which formed part of the original proposal. For ease of reference the full amended paragraph provided below;


2.01     The proposed front porch would project 1.7 metres from the front elevation, which constitutes a reduction of 0.5 metres when compared with the previously refused application. It would extend 4 metres across the width of the front elevation which is similar to the width of the previous proposal. It would have a pitched roof which projects out on two supporting timber columns with a brick base. The porch would have a height of 3.5 metres from the ground level, with the roof set significantly below the ridge line of the host dwelling. The porch development would have roof light opening on both sections of the pitched roof slopes. The proposed front porch would be stepped in by approximately 0.5 metres from the existing front projection forming the double integral garage.


6.12     There was one objection from a neighbour stating the dwelling is being set up for commercial use. The submission before members is a full planning application for a front porch. Any new use of this dwelling would require a formal planning application for change of use, which would be determined on its own merit. Therefore, there is no evidence in the current submission to support this contention.


Finally, it is recommended that condition 2 appended to the report be amended to include the currently submitted proposed plans and elevations with reference number; 15-24-21D.




Officer’s recommendation remains unchanged, with amendment of condition 2 to read:


The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in accordance with the following approved site Layout with reference number; 15-24-20C received on 6th of September 2017, and Proposed Plans and Elevations with reference number; 15-24-21D received on 27th of September, 2017;


Reason: To ensure that the quality of the development is maintained and to prevent harm to the residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers.