Item 15 Pages 23-28                                                     Land Rear of Forge House, Ashford Road, Broomfield, Kent



Ref. 16/503157/FULL





Further representations on the application have been made by Broomfield & Kingswood Parish Council who request the following statement is made on behalf of the Parish Council to the committee with their apologies for absence:


“Broomfield & Kingswood Parish Council wish to see this application refused. The site in question has never had formal planning permission for any of the activities that now take place at this site and the site has expanded exponentially over the last few years, despite objections from residents, Leeds Castle and the Parish Council. Permitting continued development at this site is creating a nuisance to local residents with the noise and dust created as the number of days of use continue to increase all year round, with no limitations in place for hours of operation.  This is unacceptable in a rural community.“


Officer Comment


It would appear that the existing motocross track use has become lawful from a planning point of view by virtue of the length of time (10 years or more) the use has been in existence. The existing motocross track use does not form part of the current planning application which relates to the access track from Ashford Road to the motocross track to the south of the road only.


The vehicle parking/storage use on the land is subject to ongoing investigation by Planning Enforcement and does not form part of the current planning application.




The recommendation to GRANT planning permission remains unchanged subject to the previously updated amended and additional conditions: