From:                              Charlotte Hope

Sent:                               26 April 2018 11:09

To:                                   Lorraine Neale

Subject:                          Re: Marden Cricket And Hockey Club - New Club Premises Certificate Application

Attachments:                 Amended application hours for Club Premises licence 18.pdf


Dear Lorraine


I am attaching an amended list of hours for our application. As you can see, I have brought forward almost every finishing time.


Just to clarify a couple of other points that have been raised by those commenting:


1. There is no boundary between the Club premises and Howland Road. We posted notices at the entrance to the premises on Maidstone Road as required and in the local newspaper.

2. As we are a sports club and not a public house, our licensing requirements will be different. We will rely on hiring the clubhouse out for functions to generate income, as I believe is normal practice for any sports club.

3. As can be demonstrated by past practice at our previous premises, very late nights are rare. We have run past midnight on one occasion in the last 12 months and we applied for a TENS for that event.

4. When the General Committee approves hire of the clubhouse for events, the hirers become our guests. This is written into our rules that were updated in May 2017:


15. Admission to Clubhouse

There may be admitted to the Clubhouse except at such times as the General Committee may

direct, and there may be sales of intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises to

(1) the guests of members, whose names must be entered in the book kept for this purpose,

but each member is responsible for his or her guest's conduct and behaviour;

(2) members of visiting teams playing or practising on the premises and their guests and


(3) persons attending functions on the premises with the approval of the general committee

or (in emergency) of the chairman, vice-chairman or secretary or treasurer, to include

members and their guests, in accordance with Section 67 of the Licensing Act 2003.



Please let me know if you need any more information.