APPENDIX 2: H1 Targeted implementation of highway improvements at key strategic locations to relieve congestion and to aid public transport




App No. /Funding

IDP Ref No.

2019 update


Maidstone Town Centre

Town Centre Bridges Gyratory A229/A20/A26

Capacity improvements

New northbound link to bypass the gyratory

LEP Local Growth Fund and MBC Contribution (New Homes Bonus)


This scheme is now complete.


Maidstone Urban Area M20 Junction 7 Strategic Area

A249 Bearsted Road roundabout and Bearsted Road/New Cut Junction

Capacity improvements

Capacity improvements and signalisation of Bearsted Roundabout and capacity improvements at New Cut roundabout. Provision of a new signal pedestrian crossing and combined foot/cycle way between the two roundabouts.

Provided under 13/1163


Detailed design stage now complete and contract documents are currently being prepared. Construction is due to commence in Summer 2019.

Funding is secured through Department for Transport, MBC and developer contributions. Scheme estimated cost is 11.39m.


Dual carriageway between A249 and New Cut Junctions

Capacity improvements

Additional carriageway/revised junction arrangements.

Provided in connection with Newnham Court


Included under HTJ71.


M20/Junction 7

Capacity improvements

Signalisation of roundabout, widening of coast bound off-slip and creation of new signal controlled pedestrian route through the junction.

Provided under 13/1163


Detailed design stage is now complete. However, the scheme only has S106 funding confirmed at this stage as Highways England has withdrawn their funding offer. Scheme will not be carried out concurrent to other works unless alternative funding can be sourced.


M2 Junction 5 Improvement

Capacity improvements


13/1163 - 44.7k


Highways England published preferred route in May 2018 and are now carrying out detailed surveys to refine the design Option 4H1. Planned start of works March 2020, pending approval from Planning Inspectorate.

Estimate cost between 50-100million. Funding gap identified.


Maidstone Urban Area - South East Maidstone Strategic Area

A229/A274 Wheatsheaf junction

Capacity improvements

Works to improve capacity at the junction.

14/503167 - Proportion of 108k also split between Loose Rd/Boughton Lane & approaches to TC.


Detailed designs currently being worked up expected later in 2019. Estimated cost is not yet known until scheme design is worked up.


A229/Armstrong Road

Capacity improvements

Works on the approaches to the Town Centre between the Wheatsheaf junction and the bridge gyratory traffic signal junctions.

14/503167 - Proportion of 108k also split between Loose Rd/Boughton Lane & approaches to TC.


A229 Loose Road corridor between Boughton Lane/Cripple Street and Sheals Crescent junction is included in the design work for HTSE6 (above).


A274 Willington Street junction

Junction capacity improvements

Improvements to capacity at the junction of Willington Street and Sutton Road.

13/1149 - 180k; 13/1523 - 30k; 13/0951 - 55.8k


On 17th January 2018 the Maidstone Joint Transport Board resolved not to accept the proposed scheme and asked for an amended scheme.

Therefore, no scheme design is agreed at present.


A274 Wallis Avenue junction

Junction capacity improvements

Improvements to capacity at the junction of Wallis Avenue and Sutton Road.

13/1149 - 180k; 13/1523 - 30k; 13/0951 - 55.8k


As above.


A274 Corridor

Bus journey time reliability

Bus priority measures: Incorporating measures from the Willington Street junction to the Wheatsheaf junction, together with bus infrastructure improvements

13/1149 - 1.80m; 13/1523 - 300k; 13/0951 - 558k


This is interlinked with the main body of improvement works along the A274/Sutton Road (see HTSE6).


A229 Loose Road/Cripple Street/Boughton Lane junction

Junction capacity improvements

 Highway improvements at Boughton Lane and at the junction of Boughton Lane and the A229 Loose Road.



A229 Loose Road corridor between Boughton Lane/Cripple Street and Sheals Crescent junction is included in the design work for HTSE6 (above).


Maidstone Urban Area - North West Strategic Area

A20/Coldharbour Lane junction

Capacity improvements

Junction capacity and signals/left hand turn lane off A20 to M20 junction 5 link road.

13/1702 - 338K split between A20/Coldharbour & A26/Fountain Lane; 13/1749 - 676K; 14/501209 - 189k; 14/500412 - 29.4k split between A26/Fountain Lane & Coldharbour


As outlined in the January 2019 report to MJTB, the initial feasibility design proposes to significantly enlarge the existing Coldharbour roundabout. Due to this increased size, traffic modelling demonstrates no need for signalisation or other works to increase traffic free flow.


Therefore this scheme is no longer required on account of capacity achieved by enlarged Coldharbour roundabout improvement.


A20/M20 Junction 5

Junction capacity and signals


14/501209 12k (Towards J5 improvements on the M20)


As above.


A20/M20 Junction 5

Capacity improvements

Interim improvement to M20 J5 roundabout including white lining scheme

13/1702 - 21.5k; 13/1749 - 43K


Awaiting S106 contributions from recent developments.


A20/B2246 Hermitage Lane junction

Junction capacity improvements




Hermitage Lane/London Road junction improvement may not be required if road link between Hermitage Lane and London Road is delivered as part of a new development in Tonbridge & Malling. Therefore work is ongoing to assess the most appropriate scheme to improve capacity in this area.


A26/Fountain Lane/Hermitage Lane junctions

Capacity improvements

Changes to accommodate right turn vehicles within the junction introduction of MOVA and pedestrian sensing.

13/1702 - 338K split between A20/Coldharbour & A26/Fountain Lane; 13/1702 - 96.2k; 13/1749 - 200k; 14/500412 - 29.4k split between A26/Fountain Lane & Coldharbour


As stated in the April 2019 report to MJTB, this project has now been removed from the MITP due to lack of demonstrable benefits and good value for money, but continues to be developed via a Member led working group utilising S106 funding.


Invicta Park Broad Location


Improvements to Royal Engineers Road/Springfield/Invicta Park Roundabout

Capacity improvements

Partial signalisation of the A229 Royal Engineers Roundabout.



The Invicta Park Broad location remains in the Local Plan for future development.


Rural Areas


A229 Linton Crossroads

Capacity improvements

Works on junction approaches

14/0566 - 108k


Detailed design work for enhanced scheme has commenced.


A20 Harrietsham

Works to improve safety and pedestrian/ cycle access


14/0828 - 399k


Scheme is currently under construction. Anticipated completion Spring 2019.


A274 North Street/Kings Road Headcorn

Capacity improvements

Signalisation of the Kings Road/ Mill Bank junction.

Funding mechanism in respect of H1 (37) is S278


Scheme design submitted. Delivery of scheme is associated with site H1(37) and should be completed prior to occupation of the units.


Oak Lane and junction of Oak Lane and Wheeler Street Headcorn

Safety improvements

Junction improvements and new footway.

S278 under 13/1943


This scheme is now complete.


Highway schemes associated with Lenham

Capacity/ safety improvements

Improvements to junctions at A20/Ham Lane, A20/Old Ashford Road and Maidstone Road/High Street/Faversham Road/Old Ashford Road



Consultants on behalf of Lenham Parish Council have undertaken a transport assessment to review the existing transport infrastructure within Lenham for all transport modes and consider how new development may impact on existing and proposed infrastructure. As part of KCCs CRM, work has taken place at A20 Ashford Road Junction with Faversham Road, Lenham, Kent.


A229 Station Road/High St/Headcorn Road and Marden Road Staplehurst

Junction capacity improvements




Initially proposed scheme was deemed unsafe by KCC. The site is extremely constrained and currently there is no suitable alternative scheme proposed.


Hampstead Lane/Maidstone Rd Junction

Capacity improvements

Provision of right turn lane on Hampstead Lane at junction with Maidstone Road.



Improvements relate to site allocation RMX1 (4). No planning applications have come forward to date that would require this junction improvement.