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External Board/Outside Body


External Board/Outside Body

Kent Community Railway Partnership Steering Group

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Clive English


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Clive English

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Purpose of the External Board/Outside Body:


To Act as the umbrella and co-ordinating body for Community Rail Partnerships in Kent. Currently these are the Medway Valley Line and Swale Line. Once the new Franchise is introduced there will be a third, probably for the Kent Coast.




The meeting mainly considered a revised action plan and budget because of the delay in issuing the new Franchise decision matters were a little less solid than expected. However the meeting did agree to research and make representations to developing Local Plans for rail improvements, agreed an education programme and discussed progress on station adoptions.

A successful promotion event had been held at St Pancras to promote using the Rail network, including the MVL and SL as a vehicle for tourism, and further promotional activity was being planned.