Access to Services Review

Calendar of Meetings



Digital Accessibility – To evaluate the accessibility of the website for users, the services provided and the way in which digital processes support frontline services delivered by Customer Services in the Link.

Website Accessibility

7 September 2020, 6pm (Skype)

Digital Services

9 November 2020, 6pm (Skype)

Digital Inclusion

25 January 2021, 6pm (Skype)

Communications – To review the Council’s communication channels and understand their purpose and use. To include written, online, telephone and ward Councillors (email, postal, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).


Communication and Engagement

(Review of Involve’s repository of Community Groups and Forums)

8 March 2021, 6pm (Skype)

Development of Community Group repository

29 March 2021, 6pm (Skype)

Corporate Communication channels

April 2021

Council Services

(Survey to inform session - evaluation of all points of access and where this information is publicly available)

June 2021

Ward Councillors

(Survey to inform session)

August 2021

Council buildings – To review the physical access (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

Meetings TBC


Digital Inclusion (as part of the Council’s Digital Strategy)

Meetings TBC