Part A2, 6 Ė The Committees

6.3.         The Overview & Scrutiny Committee

6.3.1.       There shall be an Overview & Scrutiny Committee of the Council consisting of thirteen (13) Members who are not on the Executive plus up to two (2) non-Members co-opted in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

6.3.2.       The purpose of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee shall be: -

(a)         To review and/or scrutinise decisions made or actions taken in connection with the discharge of any of the Councilís functions;

(b)         To make reports and/or recommendations to the Full Council and/or the Executive in connection with the discharge of any functions;

(c)          To consider any matter affecting the Council, the Borough or Local Residents;

(d)         To act as the Councilís Crime & Disorder Scrutiny Committee for the purposes of Section 19, Police and Justice Act 2006; and

(e)         To exercise the right to call-in, for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented by the Executive.

6.3.3.       Part B of this Constitution shall set out a more detailed specification of the functions of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

6.3.4.       The Members on the Overview & Scrutiny Committee shall elect one of their number to chair that Committee and another to act as vice-Chair, with preference in the election process to chair that Committee being given to Members from the largest non-Administration Political Group on the Council

6.3.5.       The role and powers of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee are not affected by whether or not a decision relates to a matter within the Administrationís Programme.

6.3.6.       The Overview & Scrutiny Committee must report annually to the Council on their workings and make recommendations for future work programmes and amended working methods if appropriate.



Part B4, 1 Ė Councils Supporting Governance Arrangements