Appendix B

Example of Case Prioritisation


Priority 1

         The person or their carers could be at serious risk and an urgent intervention is required

  • Equipment has broken and individual/carer is at serious risk of injury without this equipment.
  • Inappropriate discharge from hospital and urgent intervention needed- when health involvement has been excluded
  • OT intervention in KEAH in assessing or meeting enablement goals
  • The person has an end-of-life condition and/or a rapid onset illness.


Priority 2

  • The person is receipt of a costed care package (multi-handed care) which is a new service, an increase in need or double handed review.
  • The person has a critical need that requires urgent intervention and there is no way to mitigate or reduce risk i.e. the person is unable to access basic facilities such as the toilet.
  • There are risks presented to carers and this is impact on the person having their needs safely met


Priority 3

  • The person requires an OT functional needs assessment.
  • Before a Housing Needs Assessment is considered, the individual needs to have a housing application with the local council and a bidding number issued.
  • If the individual wishes to delay their OT Assessment longer than an 8 week period they are requested to re-refer when they are ready to proceed.