Appendix A - Future Work Programme

Strategic Leadership & Corporate Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Future Work Programme 2014/15


Meeting Date



Agenda Items



Details and desired outcome


Report Author / Possible Witnesses

10 June 2014

·         Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman



·         Work programming workshop


·         Appoint Chairman and Vice-Chairman for 2014/15


·         Ascertain work plan for the year and select and develop review topics focusing on achievable outcomes




·         Christian Scade

7 July 2014

·         MKIP Update

·         Co-located simultaneous meeting with Tunbridge Wells BC and Swale BC to consider options for scrutiny review.   

·         Paul Taylor / Jane Clarke / Alison Broom / William Benson

8 July 2014

·         Use of Revenue Underspend

·         Discretionary Housing Payments

·         Q 4 / End of Year Complaints Report


·         Local Council Tax Support Scheme – Options for (a) 2015/16 and (b) beyond.   

·         Requested by Committee in May 2014

·         Pre-decision scrutiny before July Cabinet

·         Quarterly Report


·         A topic for scrutiny review. An initial report will be needed in July to set the scene and to consider options for scrutiny involvement moving forwards.

·         Paul Riley

·         Steve McGinnes

·         Sam Bailey / Angela Woodhouse

·         Steve McGinnes  

5 August 2014

·         Annual Performance Report


·         Cabinet Member Priorities for 2014/15 (Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Corporate Services)

·         Capital Programme Update 2014-15





·         Local Council Tax Discount Scheme – Options for Consultation

·         Annual Report and KPI Targets for 2014/17


·         A written report, of no more than one side of A4, was requested by Committee in June, as an information item.   

·         Subject to the work of the budget working group (see notes below) this would be an opportunity for a general update and on  recommendations  made by scrutiny as part of the Capital Programme Review

·         Options for Consultation / Feedback from the O&S workshop

·         Clare Wood


·         Cllr Blackmore and  Cllr McLoughlin


·         Paul Riley




·         Steve McGinnes

2 September 2014

·         Q 1 Complaints Report

·         FWP – including terms of reference for the Budget Working Group


·         Quarterly Report

·         Recommendations of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman to the Committee on the inclusion of the Capital Programme and Budget Strategy  within the BWG terms of reference


·         Sam Bailey  

·         Christian Scade


7 October 2014

·         Budget Strategy 2015-16 Onwards (Revenue)

·         Q1 Performance Report


·         See notes below ref Budget Working Group

·         Quarterly Report


·         Paul Riley


·         Clare Wood


4 November 2014






2 December 2014

·         Mid-Year Performance Report



·         Q2 Complaints Report




·         Mid-Year Report – with a detailed briefing (and discussion) on homelessness indicators - HSG005 & HSG 009

·         Quarterly Report – to include information on complaints ref The Social and Events Management  in general


·         Clare Wood / Ellie Kershaw



·         Sam Bailey and Jason Taylor


6 January 2015

·         Strategic Plan

·         Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)

·         Budget Strategy – Capital, Revenue, Fees and Charges

·         Revenue Under Spend – Update





·         Policy Framework Document

·         See notes below ref Budget Working Group




·         Angela Woodhouse

·         Angela Woodhouse  



·         Paul Riley


12 January 2015



·         The Mid Kent Services Director to report back to a January 2015 joint meeting with an interim update on the progress of MKIP that should include the independent appraisal of the Director’s post which is being undertaken by a cross authority project team (led by Zena Cooke)   

·         Final Report from the Joint MKIP Task and Finish Group


·         Joint OSC meeting with SBC and TWBC ref MKIP 


·         Bob Pullen (SBC), Holly Goring (TWBC), Jane Clarke, Paul Taylor, Zena Cooke, Alison Broom  

3 February 2015

·         Work Force Strategy  (Date TBC)




·         Accommodation Project  (Date TBC) 





·         Corporate Improvement Plan


·         Equality Objectives Update (Date TBC)

·         A possible (mini) review – an initial report will be needed to set the scene and to consider options for scrutiny involvement.


·         Update report following completion of work by the cross-party working party. Report to come to SLCS OSC before Cabinet.


·         6 Monthly report


·         There will be a workshop held in January 2015 which will inform the new Equality Objectives. An Equality Objectives Update Report would then be available for consideration by Committee in February/March 2015.


·         Dena Smart / David Edwards / Alison Broom



·         David Edwards




·         Georgia Hawkes


·         Clare Wood

3 March 2015

·         Q 3 Performance Report  

·         Q3 Complaints Report

·         Communication and Engagement Strategy (Update) 


·         Quarterly Report

·         Quarterly Report

·         Pre-decision scrutiny (links to issues discussed by Committee in April 2014)


·         Clare Wood

·         Sam Bailey  

·         Angela Woodhouse

7 April 2015

·         Customer Service Improvement Strategy (Date TBC)


·         This was requested by Committee in July 2014

Pre-decision scrutiny with an opportunity to look at channel shift / moving services online, to include data regarding visitors to the Gateway segmented by nature of enquiry be included in the Customer Service Improvement Strategy report of the Business Improvement Manager to the January meeting of the Committee.


·         Georgia Hawkes


Budget Working GroupThe Committee agreed to set up a Budget Working Group. Terms of reference were agreed by Committee in September 2014.


Joint MKIP Task and Finish Group – Final report due for consideration by (Joint) Committee in January 2015.   


Future Items:   


·         Planning Support Shared Service – Complaints Report - DATE TBC

o   An update was requested by Committee, in July 2014, on complaints received. This update was noted by Committee in August 2014


·         New Asset Management Plan – Paul Riley / David Tibbit – DATE TBC 


·         The Debt Recovery Policy to include Irrecoverable Business Rates – a suggestion put forward (in July 2014) by the Local Council Tax Discount Scheme Working Group. The Policy is with the Director of Regeneration and Communities for consideration, and a date for their consideration at Committee is to be confirmed


·         That the report of Audit regarding the Planning Support Shared Service be considered at Committee at the earliest opportunity. (TBC)


·         That the indicator for the reporting of waiting times for calls to the Contact Centre be audited as a data quality issue by the Policy and Performance Officer, with a report back to Committee when complete.