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Heather House and Pavilion Building

Meeting: 06/10/2020 - Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (Item 70)

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The Housing Delivery Manager introduced the report that included an improved scheme design for the Heather House and Pavilion building sites. A new community centre on the Heather House site and 12 new build, 3-bedroom properties on the Pavilion building site were proposed. The existing play areas were due to be upgraded in the future. A new community centre on the Pavilion building site was considered, but this would delay the housing construction and increase costs.


The Housing Delivery Manager commented that there had been positive initial planning feedback and that the shortfall envisaged was £274k, rather than the £600k estimate for the previously presented scheme. Heather House was the sole community facility owned and directly managed by the Council, with the submission of tender for management providers and works contract to be triple tracked. The local community and stakeholders would be involved in further consultation, with those organisations that had expressed interest in the centre’s management to be contacted. As part of the procurement and appointment exercise, there was to be no further requests for financial support from the Council.


The Committee expressed general support for the proposal and acknowledged the reduced shortfall envisaged. The importance of the Community Centre and the positive works of with group operating from within the venue were highlighted.


A work programme request was made for an update report to be provided to the Committee in January 2021 on the progress of Heather House.




1.  The change to the original brief for the redevelopment of both the Heather House and Pavilion Building sites and the new scheme design options being recommended to pursue, along with the indicative financial returns shown at Exempt Appendix B, be noted; and


2.  The a follow up report be presented to the Policy and Resources Committee to approve the submission of detailed planning applications for both sites, going out to tender for the works contract and procurement of the management provided; subject to the inclusion of a timetable of resident and stakeholder engagement and communications to be appended, be endorsed.