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Fleet Replacement Programme

Meeting: 15/11/2022 - Communities, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee (Item 71)

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The Lead Member for Environmental Services introduced the report and stated that the Fleet Replacement Programme outlined how the fleet for street cleaning, grounds maintenance and commercial waste service collections were replaced. There were 54 vehicles in total with a value of £1.2 million. The vehicles were replaced every 5-7 years, dependent upon their running costs, reliability and mileage with the required funding agreed by the Council as part of its capital programme.


The Lead Member for Environmental Services referenced the Green Fleet Strategy, which acts as a mechanism for mangers to determine which vehicles to purchase, with the use of electric vehicles supported provided that they were able to meet the business’ need. Five electric vehicles would be purchased in 2023 for street cleansing and grounds maintenance. The introduction of telematics to improve the service’s delivery was referenced.


The Committee expressed support for the programme, particularly the Green Replacement Strategy and the efforts made to increase the number of electric vehicles. In response to questions, the Lead Member for Environmental Services stated that further opportunities to increase the use of electric vehicles and other technological improvements had been and would continue to be discussed with the relevant officers. The Public Realm Operations Manager confirmed that purchasing electric vehicles was significantly more expensive than standard vehicles. The Committee were advised to contact the Officer if they wished to suggest a suitable, more efficient vehicle, with the team’s working practices able to be changed to suit such a vehicle if required.




1.  The contents of the report relating to the Fleet Replacement Programme and planned vehicle purchases be noted; and


2.  The Green Fleet Strategy contained within Appendix 1 be noted.