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Key Performance Indicator Update Q1 17/18 HCL

Meeting: 05/09/2017 - Heritage, Culture and Leisure Committee (Item 49)

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The Performance and Information Manager presented the Key Performance Indicator Update Report to the Committee.


The Committee were advised that:


·  In Quarter 1, one Key Performance Indicator (KPI) had achieved its target, one KPI was within ten percent of its target, and three KPIs had not achieved their target.


·  Methodologies for collecting data were being reviewed to see if there were more accurate or robust ways to do so.


It was noted that the Committee was concerned with the footfall at the Museum and Visitor Information Centre. Officers informed the Committee that the low figure was due in part to the closure of the Ancient Lives Gallery for renovation. The Committee noted that Officers were considering purchasing electronic counters to ensure that the figure was accurate. Officers were requested to look at benchmarking against other similar museums in order to compare the amount of visitor information enquiries.


In response to a question, Officers informed the Committee that the Festivals, Events, and Parks income target be removed for the following reasons:


·  The indicator is already measured through budget monitoring;


·  The rationale for including the indicator was unclear;


·  The Committee had a large amount of KPIs already; and


·  It was unclear what the Committee wanted to measure with this indicator.




  1. That the summary of performance for Quarter 1 of 2017/18 for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) be noted.


  1. That the indicator for Festival, Events, and Parks be removed.