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Heather House

Meeting: 14/11/2017 - Communities, Housing and Environment Committee (Item 65)

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The Committee considered the report of the Head of Housing and Communities relating to Heather House Community Centre.


The Committee raised the following points:-

·  That Section 106 contributions could have been directed towards the facility which would have secured its future.

·  That there should be a ‘sticking plaster’ plan put in place until firmer plans had been made for the facility to be rebuilt.

·  The Centre had been run down over a number of years with no investment being put into it.

·  There should be plans in place for the long term future, looking 20-25 years ahead.

·  The Committee should see the audited accounts for Heather House.

·  There was a need for a facility of this kind in the area and if it was closed down then it would be many years before a new community centre could be built.

·  The item should be deferred until the Committee have had an opportunity to visit the facility and further information on costings had been provided.

·  That several years ago there was a vision for a new hall which would have included a doctor’s surgery, pre-natal facilities and a café.

·  That the Council should carry out a consultation with the local residents to see what they wanted from the facility for the future.

·  That the redevelopment of this facility should not be kicked into the long grass.

·  That there was not sufficient information contained in the report to enable a decision to be made on the long term future of the facility.

·  If the decision was to go for a deferral, then that would seal its fate for closure.

RESOLVED:  That Option 3 as detailed in the report be agreed and that the Committee receive a costed business plan for the redevelopment of the facility within 3 months.


Voting:  For:  8  Against:  0  Abstentions:  0


Councillor Mrs Joy asked for her dissent to be noted that the report did not have all the necessary information in order to make an informed decision.