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5017/2017/TPO - Land At Lodge Close, The Street, Ulcombe, Kent

Meeting: 15/03/2018 - Planning Committee (Item 437)

437 5017/2017/Tree Preservation Order (TPO) - Land At Lodge Close, The Street, Ulcombe, Kent pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Committee considered the report of the Head of Planning and Development concerning TPO No. 5017/2017 which was made to replace TPO No. 5002/2017.  It was noted that:


·  TPO No. 5002/2017 was made to protect woodland, including mature oaks, on land at Lodge Close, The Street, Ulcombe in response to requests from the Parish Council following concerns raised by residents about recent activity in the woodland.


·  It was understood that the site had changed hands and that a fishing consortium was involved with the recent activity on the site.


·  Whilst no formal objection had been received to the making of TPO No. 5017/2017, a detailed objection was received to TPO No. 5002/2017 from the current and previous owners of the site.


·  Given the uncertainty surrounding operations on the site, it was recommended that the woodland should continue to be protected by a TPO.


RESOLVED:  That TPO No. 5017/2017 be confirmed without modification.


Voting:  9 – For   0 – Against  0 - Abstentions