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Solutions to operation stack, Public information exercise update

Meeting: 10/07/2018 - Strategic Planning, Sustainability and Transportation Committee (Item 45)

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Mr Watson conveyed the information that had been provided by Highways England regarding its proposed solutions to Operation Stack. The Committee noted the Council’s proposed response and concluded that there was not enough detail within the public information exercise for the Council to give a view on any of the solutions proposed.


Councillor Round spoke as a Visiting Member on this item.


Under the specific questions on the consultation, the Committee requested the following amendment be made to the response to question 9:


We are unable to answer some of these questions as there isn’t enough information at this stage. However, we have grave concerns about an off-road parking solution, especially if it is located in Kent.


It was requested that responses for questions 7 and 8 be left blank as there was not enough information on the proposed solutions for the Committee to form a judgement.




That, subject to the amendments made by the Committee, the responses set out in paragraphs 1.8-1.14 of this report be agreed as a basis for the Council’s response to the Highways England public information exercise – Solutions to Operation Stack: managing freight traffic in Kent.


Voting: Unanimous