Information about Leader of the Council (expired)

Councillor Christopher Garland


To lead the Council and the Cabinet including taking responsibility for the discharge of any executive function not delegated to another individual or body.  Specifically to have responsibility for:-


Strategic Planning and Policy Development

·  Sustainable Communities Strategy, Strategic Plan and all other policy framework documents

·  Medium Term Financial Strategy

·  Communications Strategy

·  Spatial Planning Strategy

Performance Management

·  Ensure appropriate performance management arrangements are established and maintained

·  Reviewing performance and identify actions

·  Ensuring Cabinet Members are delivering priorities within their own portfolios

·  Value for Money

·  Excellent standards of governance and conduct

External Affairs and Partnerships

·  Act as an ambassador for the Council

·  Act as an advocate for the Council in pressing for changes in national policy

·  Represent the Council in regional and county partnerships

·  Responsible for the Council’s role in partnerships (e.g. Local Strategic Partnership, Mid Kent Improvement Partnership)