Land Charges Service Updates

Publishing the Local Land Charges Register

In 2020 we will be publishing the Local Land Charges Register on the website so that you can view the register any time you want. Once this has gone live we will no longer provide Personal Search of the Local Land Charges Register by email as you can access the information yourself.

If however you would like an emailed copy of the register you can do this through the Enhanced Personal Search Service.

New Shared Fees

The service has been running for three years now. So we thought it was time we reviewed the way we charge for searches, having one set of fees across the partnership.

Doing this will allow us to provide an even better service, especially for those operating across borough boundaries.

As of April 2018 the fees across the partnership have now been aligned. The new shared fees are now being charged in Maidstone and Swale. Tunbridge Wells. Please click here to find out the new fees.

Search Submissions

    From 1 April 2020:

    • Maidstone - official searches and personal searches can be paid for and submitted using our online payment form. (forms and plan required for the official search can be now be attached using the link at the point of making payment for the search request)
    • Swale - personal searches by using their online payment form.  Official searches can be emailed to our Land charges team (with payment by BACS)
    • Tunbridge Wells - official searches and personal searches online


    HMRC have said that VAT will be charged on CON29 search fees starting 31 March 2017. You can see our fees tabs for more information. Any searches received on 31 March that don't have the correct fee will be sent back to the Solicitor or Agent.

    New Forms

    On 4 July 2016 new LLC1 and CON29 forms were published. You can buy them from the Oyez Store website. The CON29 form includes some additional questions about things like the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and assets of community value. You need to submit your searches on the new forms or they will be returned.