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Before commenting on a planning application, it is important you read our guidance document.

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    View a planning application

    Our public access portal brings together all of the planning applications for Maidstone and Swale in one place. By registering on the portal you will be able to save searches, subscribe to updates and make comments online.

    Here are some things to note when using the search:

    • For historical applications please remove the first two letters of the application number. For example application MA/11/1234 would be 11/1234
    • At the moment you can search by parish or ward but can't search by borough. This is a feature planned for a later date
    • Please read our ‘Have Your Say’ guidance document before commenting

    Search for planning applications

    Weekly planning lists

    You can find either validated or decided planning applications in a given week using our weekly planning list search.

    How to find the site history of a property

    You are able to view site history online back to 1974 on our planning website. You can type in the property details in the search box which will provide a list of applications.

    Please note if you search for an address or post code it will bring up all properties for that area, therefore you will need to look at the address before you click on an application for the details.

    We have put together a user guide to help find historic sites.

    We can provide this service for you, however for us to provide this information an initial fee of £100 will need to be paid.  This will provide a history search on a property dating back to 1974 within 5 working days.

    Please be aware that all this search will provide you with is a list of Planning application numbers, the description, the decision and the decision date. if the request takes longer than 4 hours, a further £25.00 for each additional hour will be added, and you will be informed of the balance required to be paid before the search is sent to you.

    If you would like us to provide this service for you please email your request to our technical team.

    You can also obtain this information through a Local Land Charges search - these searches are normally requested as part of the buying or selling process but anyone can request one.  They provide complete information about the property including building control applications, highways information and planning applications back to 1974.

    To obtain a quote for this service please email our land charges team.

    How to get copies of documents

    If the documents you are searching for are not available on our planning website then you can request them by email.

    The documents may be stored off site so it may take time for us to deal with your request, however we will liaise with you. When you email please quote the application reference that you are referring to and the documents you would like to be placed online.  Requests for copies of Tree Preservation Orders and Enforcement Notices can also be requested this way.