Book an inspection

When you request an inspection, we aim to complete this by the next working day, if appropriate. If you call us before 10am where possible we will aim to come out that same day. We are unable to give an exact time for the inspection, but if you request morning or afternoon, we will try to accommodate this.

To book an inspection or if you want some advice from your surveyor before you start any building works call 01622 602000.

What checks do we carry out?

For most projects we will carry out a number of site inspections. This is to ensure works are being completed in accordance with the building regulations. It is yours or your builder’s responsibility to contact us at each stage to allow an inspection to be carried out. Depending on the project, some of these can be undertaken at the same time.


You must tell us at least 48 hours before you begin any works, this will be your first inspection once work has started.

This first site inspection allows us to discuss the project with the builder, including any conditions that may apply to the application and checking that the site is as shown.

Excavation for foundation

This allows ground conditions to be checked. We will consider all or some of the following:

  • how deep existing foundation is
  • what capacity the ground can bear
  • how close and deep drains and manholes are
  • how close trees  are or recently removed trees
  • whether the building is on made up ground
  • if Southern Water approval is required, as you may be building over a public foul sewer


All new drainage is inspected before it is covered. The items checked on this inspection include:

  • suitability of material used
  • fall and line of the drain
  • material used for bed and surrounding
  • access points

Covering a DPC (damp proof course) or casting a floor slab

The damp proof membrane is checked for thickness, and sufficient overlap between new and existing damp proof courses. Floor insulation may also be inspected at this stage.

Structural elements

We check the size, grade, centre, lateral restraint strapping and herringbone strutting of the floor joists and roof timbers. We also check the size of any steel beams and their bearing capacity.


This is the final inspection and checks that all works are complete including:

  • ventilation to rooms and roof voids
  • waste
  • roof coverings and insulation
  • fire precautions and requirements
  • safety glazing
  • staircase details

Records of site inspection will be retained for 15 years after completion. For larger residential or commercial projects, a record of the inspections may be kept on site as a record for both parties

Completion certificate

We will give you a completion certificate when you finish the work. It confirms your work complies with building regulations. Keep the certificate in a safe place as you will need it if you want to sell the property.