Listed Buildings

Grades and works to buildings


Maidstone has over 2,000 listed buildings. When listing a building the government will give it one of three grades; following advice from Historic England; and legal protection:

  • Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered internationally important
  • Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest
  • Grade II buildings are nationally important and of special interest

You can search for all the listed buildings in England on the Historic England website. The descriptions of the buildings in their list will identify the building, but may not give the full details of how it's of special interest.


Works to listed buildings which affect their character may need listed building consent first. For details on planning responsibilities, refer to the Planning Portal.

Structures near to listed buildings are sometimes classed as curtilage listed. This gives them the same protection as the main building. We can give further advice about and confirm if individual buildings are listed in this way.

If you're planning to do works to a listed or curtilage listed building, we'd recommend you apply for pre-application advice with a conservation officer first.

If you think there's work being done to a listed building without consent, please report it to our Planning Enforcement team using our online form.

Research request

If you require written confirmation of completion of listed building works, you can make a request on our webpage.

Locally listed buildings

Maidstone also has locally listed buildings. These are buildings and structures of local interest, classed as non-designated heritage assets.

These buildings don't have the same protection as those listed on the Historic England website, but are considered when making decisions on any planning applications we get.

Details of all the locally listed buildings can be found on our locally listed buildings in Maidstone page.

How we assess

We have produced guidance as to how we assess if a building is classed as local heritage assets. We have also published our assessment form.