Caravans and camp sites


If you're thinking about running a camping and/or caravan site, you might need a licence.

You won’t need one if:

  • you have forestry or seasonal workers, builders, travelling showmen staying on site
  • the site is five or more acres in size, there are between one and three caravans there for up to 28 days a year
  • you’re a member of a caravan club and have an exemption certificate
  • your site is approved by an organisation with a caravan exemption certificate
  • members of an exempted organisation stay in their caravans on the site
  • your site is used for a social get together of caravan club members

Before applying for a licence you'll need to apply for planning permission. When you apply we will automatically put in an application to our licensing team.

The licensing of camping and caravan sites is regulated under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 and the Mobile Homes Act 2013. For more information and guidance visit the GOV.UK website.


If a site changes hands or is sold to someone else, you can have the current licence transferred over to you by using our application form.

You will need:

  • the name and contact details for the current licence holder
  • copy of the original site licence

Change my licence

Licence register

We keep a list of who currently has a licence in our licence register. We are required by law to display this information.

Site rules

Current sites

New sites and changes

When creating site rules, the owners will need to consult with residents about their proposals, by putting up a proposal notice.

Residents can have their say by speaking to the owners or by completing a consultation response form.

After the rules have been agreed by the owner and residents of the site, a copy of the notification of deposit form will need to be emailed to the Community Protection Team or sent to:

Community Protection
Maidstone House
King Street
ME15 6JQ

Changes to site rules will need to be consulted on in the same way and a copy of the notification of deposit of deletion notice form emailed to the team.