General Election 2024

If your postal vote has not arrived please call us on 01622 602007

We can arrange for you to come to the council offices in Maidstone House, King Street. You can have someone to attend on your behalf to have a postal vote reissued to you. They will need to have ID for the person the postal vote is for.

Please return your vote in the post. If you are worried, you may return your completed postal pack to us at the council offices with a form to comply with postal vote handling rules. You can also return postal votes at a polling station on polling day.

For further advice, or queries relating to missing postal votes or other election matters please call us.

The next general election will take place on Thursday 4 July 2024 between 7am and 10pm. You can vote to elect a Member of Parliament (MP) to represent you in parliament.

Maidstone and Malling

Faversham and Mid Kent

Weald of Kent

Register to vote

To vote in the general election, you need to be registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2024. You will need to register again if you have recently changed your address.

How to vote

Postal and proxy applications

If you would like to apply to vote by post or make changes to an existing postal vote, you must do this by 5pm on Wednesday 19 June 2024.

All postal votes will be sent between Friday 21 June 2024 and Monday 24 June 2024.

If you need to vote by proxy, you must apply by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June 2024.

A list of all other key dates can be found on our general election timetable.

Voter Authority Certificate applications

If you do not have an acceptable form of Voter photo ID you will need to apply for a free Voter Authority Certificate by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June.

Voting in person

You can find out where you can vote by using our polling station finder. If you cannot get to your polling station, you can find information about other voting options on our ways to vote page.

Voting from abroad

You may still be able to vote if you will be outside of the UK on election day. Find out how to vote from abroad.

Candidate and agent information

Potential candidates and agents can find guidance, webinars and register request forms on our information page.