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Planning Training for Policy and Resources Committee Members

Meeting: 23/07/2019 - Policy and Resources Committee (Item 50)

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The Democratic and Electoral Services Manager presented the report outlining the aim of aligning the training for Policy and Resource Committee with that of the Planning Committee such that the Policy and Resources Committee could sit as the Planning Referrals Body in accordance with the Constitution.


The Committee discussed whether, given the infrequency of the need to meet as the Planning Referrals Body, it was necessary to have this level of training and whether the training could be qualitative rather than quantitative. The suggestion was put forward that training could be undertaken at the time the Planning Referral was required.  The Committee also requested a specific briefing on the matter at hand prior to a planning referrals meeting.


However, it was noted that Members would only have to complete the minimum requirements of the training and where applicable past training would be taken into account such that it did not need to be done every year.  It was also noted that the content, type and method of training would be determined by the Planning Committee training programme.


RESOLVED:That the planning training programme for members of Policy and Resources Committee replicates the training programme agreed annually by the Planning Committee.


  Voting:  10 – For , 5 – Against