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CHE PAC Fees and Charges 2023/24

Meeting: 19/12/2022 - Communities, Housing and Environment Policy Advisory Committee (Item 91)

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The Lead Member for Environmental Services introduced the report and explained that whilst the Head of Finance was not present, all of the relevant information had been included within the report.


The Director of Regeneration and Place advised that he and the Head of Environmental Services and Public Realm may be able to answer any questions, or provide additional information outside of the meeting if required. To assist in the Committee’s consideration of the report, the Leader of the Council advised that the Executive had been considering the matter in great detail and welcomed the Committee’s views on the issue.


In response to questions, the Head of Environment Services and Public Realm explained that the fly-tipping fixed penalty notice (FPN) fee was set at the statutory maximum. The fees were ring-fenced for reinvestment into the service, with the example given being the purchase of additional cameras. Depending on the severity of the fly-tipping, either an FPN would be issued, or the Council would attempt to prosecute the individuals involved; although the former was preferred given the ongoing delay to court proceedings arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. It was stated that FPNs for littering could also be issued where appropriate.


In response to further questions, the Head of Environmental Services and Public Realm confirmed that the Council could seize vehicles believed to be involved in fly-tipping. If unclaimed, the vehicle was scrapped or sold with any income generated used to cover the services cost.


In response to concerns arising from the proposed increase in trade waste collections and whether this would impact the service’s use, the Head of Environment Services and Public Realm explained that the fees proposed were competitive in comparison to other local authorities, and provided greater flexibility to customers. For example, fortnightly collections could be arranged if required and a greater number of town centre businesses had been using the service due to its flexibility. The fees proposed would recover the cost of the service which had also increased.


The Head of Environmental Services and Public Realm explained as both the trade waste collection and fly-tipping services were managed by the same teams, any changes in trends would be visible and could  be investigated.


The Committee expressed support for the proposed fees and charges for 2023/24.




1.  The contents of the report be noted; and

2.  The Executive be recommended to approve the Fees and Charges as detailed in Appendix 1 to the report.