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Strategic Plan refresh 2023-28

Meeting: 08/02/2023 - Executive (Item 152)

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1.  That the feedback from the Policy Advisory Committees be noted; and


2.  That the areas of focus for the Council’s Strategic Plan for the period 2023-2028, set out in Appendix A to the report be recommended to Council.


(See Record of the Recommendation to Council)



Meeting: 18/01/2023 - Corporate Services Policy Advisory Committee (Item 93)

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The Lead Member for Corporate Services introduced the report, stating that the Strategic Plan had been agreed in 2018 and was due to be refreshed. The proposed refresh took account of the post-pandemic environment and the financial uncertainties being faced, amongst other things. The high quality of the document was strongly emphasised, with attention drawn to the refreshed areas of focus contained within Appendix A to the report.


During the debate, several members of the Committee highlighted the corrections required to Appendix A to the report, including merging the current area relating to encouraging ‘pride in our borough’ as part of the Thriving Place priority with the proposed area of focus at point 4.3 and removal of the ‘TA’ abbreviation within the proposed areas of focus at point 4.2.


The Committee felt that further emphasis should be placed on ensuring that the 1000 Affordable Homes had affordable running costs, whilst promoting Biodiversity and Climate Change, with specific reference was made to the financial difficulties currently being experienced by many residents. In response, the Director of Strategy, Insight and Governance reiterated the importance given by the Executive to promoting and considering Biodiversity and Climate Change as part of the decision-making process.


The Committee expressed support for the proposed areas of focus and the Strategic Plan generally in guiding the Council’s actions.


RESOLVED: That the Executive be recommended to approve the refreshed areas of focus as outlined within Appendix A to the report, subject to


a.  The document’s formatting being amended in accordance with the comments made; and

b.  The inclusion of the following wording within point 4.4 to read:


‘Urgent identification and delivery of 1000 affordable homes to ensure availability of good quality housing for Maidstone’s residents, to be sustainable in both financial and ecological terms’.